A first look into Salesforce DX. A practical introduction.

Salesforce DX is a set of tools and features designed to develop and deploy Force.com applications in an automated way, making it easy to integrate them with your continuous integration system. Currently, Salesforce DX is offered in a private pilot for a limited number of developers.
In this session I will run a demo showing most of the functionality and commands available in the pilot. I will present the use case of the migration of an existing app to Salesforce DX and its development using Salesforce DX. I will show how to create a workspace, retrieve the application from an existing sandbox, convert it to Salesforce DX format, push that code to a scratch org, make changes to the app locally and remotely, and pull changes to my local environment.
The goal is to show the audience the potential of Salesforce DX running a practical exercise. My intention is that you get a feeling of what can be done with Salesforce DX. It is a good introduction for those who haven’t seen Salesforce DX before.

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Ran on: 01/06/2017 Yaiza Bailén