What The FAQ?!

(1) What is the event language?

As you know Spain is considered an ’emerging market’ for Salesforce so we are keen to have a bilingual event:

  • We aim to have sessions running in both languages in parallel.
  • The demoJam will be hosted by Joshua in English with a Spanish co-host.

(2) Do I need my laptop?

Up to you! You can also take notes, or check anything you need with your smartphone.

(3) How much does it cost? Why isn’t free?

This nonprofit event has been organized by the Salesforce Spanish Community in our “free” time. However we need to pay for the venue, breakfast, lunch, after party and all sorts are included.

(4) Where can I have lunch?

Don’t worry about that!! We will offer lunch as well as breakfast and coffee & tea during the day. You just need to attend sessions, learn, share and enjoy!

(5) What kind of sessions can I find?

We would like to tailor to different type of Salesforce users, so the idea is to offer sessions for Admin, Developer, Architect as well as End User. 

You can find the latest updates here

(6) Which is the best way to go to the venue?

Check this out, a blog post all about How to get to #dreamOle18

(7) At what time should I be there?

Our suggestion is to be there at 8.30, collect your credential and take a seat for the KeyNote. But if you prefer to arrive later, we will be open to give you a warm welcome at any hour. 

(8) I will spend a couple of days in Barcelona. What can I do?

Coming to #dreamOle18 and want to EXPLORE Barcelona?

We have you covered! Check out our new entry here what to do, eat & see in the city!

(9) How can I take part in this event?

  1. Registrations/tickets coming up soon, stay tuned!
  2. Do you want to be a sponsor? Reach out for the following dreamOle event: comunidadsalesforce@gmail.com
  3. Run a session. Follow us for next year’s speaker submissions.

(10) Is there a dress code?

Not at all!! Be comfortable to be ready to learn is our mantra, but a good piece of advice is to wear comfortable shoes.

Have we missed anything? If further questions do please reach out: comunidadsalesforce@gmail.com

BONUS: The title of this tab is ‘What The FAQ?!’ in honor of our experts desk with a twist 😉 #WhatTheFAQ