Sessions 2018

Below sessions of DreamOlé 2018, April, Barcelona: 

We will get rid of manual deployments and hands-on setting up a continuous integration scenario using Salesforce DX and CircleCI 2.0 – leveraging parallelism for faster results.

Slides: From Zero to CI in 30 minutes

Ran on: 27/04/2018 Christian Szandor Knapp

Heroku is a cloud platform based on a managed container system, with integrated data services and a powerful ecosystem, for deploying and running modern apps. The Heroku developer experience is an app-centric approach for software delivery, integrated with today’s most popular developer tools and workflows.

Slides: Heroku: focus on your apps

Ran on: 27/04/2018 Miguel Serrano
A ChatBot, in general, is a service that is powered by predefined business rules, scripts and artificial intelligence through a conversational interface. With the recent rise of Artificial Intelligence, ChatBots have become a lot smarter and they understand customers more accurately than a bot could ten years ago.
We are going to show all available features and together we are going to build our own Bot using two solutions; Salesforce chatBots (presented by adidas) and Third party Bots (presented by NTS)
Take your customers to the next level!


In the past the problem was to minimise the data that we wanted to storage because of the storage limit.

The problem now is how to manage or access to thousands of millions records that could have been storaged in our Databases.

That’s because we are continuously hearing words like “Big Data” or “Business Intelligence”, or about tools like “Hadoop” or “Apache HBase”. It’s no longer important the kind of project you are working for, or the programming language that you are using, neither the platform nor the environment, because data management is something transversal to the development.

In this speaking we will learn about how these new Salesforce tools, Big Objects and Async SOQL, can help us to manage or/and query all these data.

If you are interested in the last features about Salesforce Big Data, this is your session!

Si en el pasado el problema fue reducir la cantidad de información que almacenábamos debido a las limitaciones de memoria que teníamos. El problema del momento es cómo gestionar o acceder a los cientos o miles de millones de registros que podemos tener almacenados en nuestra base de datos.

Esta es la razón por la que estamos cansados de escuchar conceptos como Big Data o Business Intelligence, o sobre herramientas como Hadoop o Apache HBase. Ya no importa el tipo de proyecto en el que estés trabajando, o el lenguaje de programación que utilices, ni siquiera el entorno o plataforma, porque la gestión de datos es algo transversal al desarrollo.

En esta charla aprenderemos sobre cómo nos pueden ayudar las nuevas herramientas de Salesforce, Big Objects y Async SOQL, a manejar y/o consultar toda esta información.

¡Si estás interesado en lo último sobre Big Data en Salesforce, esta es tu sesión!

Slides: Salesforce Big Objects and Async SOQL: Solutions for Big Data

Ran on: 27/04/2018 Alberto Lozano Miranda

Are you a new Admin struggling to create reports for your team? Do you spend way too much time racking your brain trying to get data to present properly? You’re not alone. Many beginner Admins spend hours trying to develop reports that should only take minutes to finish. This session will show you real examples of advanced reporting features that will make your job easier and provide greater value to your users. During this live demo you will learn how to use: Custom Summary Formulas, Cross Filters, Power of 1, Joined Reports, Buckets, and Custom Report Types. These tips will help you easily identify and present data, enable your marketing team to see Lead conversion rates and show sales reps revenue toward goal. The presentation will help you take your reporting game to the next level.

Slides: Advanced reporting tips and tricks for new admins

Ran on: 27/04/2018 Aaron Crear
In this workshop will combine your knowledge and your hands-on skills.
We will discuss about the popular SAML protocol and how it can be used in combine with an oAuth authentication scenario, understanding the execution flow as well as all pieces involved in the process.
After the theoretical piece, you will have the opportunity to conduct your SSO process using a pre-built app and Salesforce identity. Don’t miss this session and unleash the power of the SSO in your organization!
  1. You would need My domain active. You can always go to Trailhead and create a new Playground org quickly.
  2. We will create a Heroku App. If you do not have a Heroku account, please, sign up here.
  3. Download this package, unzip it, and leave it on your desktop.

Slides: Demystifying Single Sign On and oAuth with Salesforce Identity

Ran on: 27/04/2018 Eugenio Roldán_outdated

In Salesforce we all succeed in 75% code coverage analysis but this does not say much about the quality of the test suite.
It shows the code that ran and we trust the developer asserted for the right output.
With mutation testing, you assess how good your test sets are in finding bugs. The Salesforce community is moving towards SalesforceDX along with continuous integration and automated tests are essential to the success of these practices.

Join this session about a solution for Mutation Testing in Salesforce and you’ll be a better tester by the end of it. Promised!

Slides: A quest to stop Salesforce mutants, a testing tale!

Ran on: 27/04/2018 Sara Sali

In this Session we will talk about what is Platform Events, the benefits of an event driven architecture, how can you subscribe and publish events with and without code and we will also mention briefly what else has Salesforce within Platform Events API (like transaction Security or Change Data Capture).

And because not all the important things will be announced in dreamOle´18 by Holly Firestone or Zayne Turner, you will help us to decide if the Spanish omelet is better with or without onions by using an APP build for show how Platform Events can be used to connect Salesforce with external web applications using Heroku.

Slides: Platform Events and the Spanish Omelette


Presentation of a Survey Multicloud App built with Lightning Components in order to show how their functionalities, advantages and capacities help us to cover the needs of the Application as well as the possibilities that Lightning Components offer for distribution.

Presentación de una App Multicloud de encuestas construida mediante Lightning Components con el objetivo de mostrar cómo las distintas funcionalidades, ventajas y capacidades de los Lightning Components nos permiten cubrir las necesidades de la Aplicación así como las posibilidades que ofrecen a la hora de distribuirla.

Slides: Building a Multi-cloud App with Lightning Components


The same implementation team can perform differently in two different projects… In one case, the team struggles to reach its cruise speed, emptying the backlog at a very slow pace. In another case, the tools and processes in place are perfectly tuned, providing maximum velocity.

This presentation, based on more than 15 years of CRM implementations, will delve into good and bad habits both from the team leader and team member perspective.

Customers and System Integrators alike will learn what are the top performance killers and how to avoid them to improve not only speed but also quality of delivery. Your boss will be so impressed by “the new you”!

Slides: Highly Effective Implementation Teams

Ran on: 27/04/2018 Fabrice Cathala

We’ll learn about Einstein Language API (intent) and analyze social data from Twitter producing the right alerts in your system in order to improve your business and team performance.

Slides: Einstein API + Social Data

Ran on: 27/04/2018 Lucas Buyo

As Lightning developers, most of what we implement are user interface components. As our code base grows, there is a strong need for service (non-graphical) components to structure our apps and avoid code duplication. We’ll deep dive into base Lightning service components such as the Lightning Data Service, the notification library, and the overlay library. Then, we’ll build a custom service component to call server-side actions.

Slides: Using & Building Lightning Service Components

Ran on: 27/04/2018 Philippe Ozil

The GDPR comes into effect in less than one month and as Salesforce Admins & Developers, we can use the regulation as an opportunity to clean up our data and make our processes more efficient. 

This session will break down how the GDPR affects the use of Personal Data and how Salesforce is changing to help you comply. We will take a look at the new “Individual” standard object and how we can use the automation power of Salesforce to supercharge your privacy programme! 

Let’s move past the legal talk and look at the practical solutions to quickly become compliant!  

Slides: Getting Salesforce ready for the GDPR

Ran on: 27/04/2018 Stephan Chandler-Garcia

Copado DX, a complete solution for Salesforce DX. Everything you need to know about how developers, admins, and release managers can leverage Salesforce DX in an integrated Release Management process.

Slides: Copado Developer eXperience

Ran on: 27/04/2018 Mert Yalti

Are your interested to know more about Marketing Cloud? I started on my Marketing Cloud Journey 18 months ago.

With no developer orgs available there is a limit to that practical experience you can get. Join me in this session where I will walk you through that things that I have learnt along the way. Things that you don’t learn from the documentation.

Slides: Marketing Cloud: 8 things I wish I had known

Ran on: 27/04/2018 Kerry Townsend

The transition from an admin to a consultant is way more than a title change, it is a lifestyle change.  The skills you learned becoming an Awesome Admin will benefit you greatly as a Consultant.  But there is a whole new world as a consultant with many skills you may have not yet tapped. Join us for a session with stories, advice, tricks and 5 solid tips for you to consider if consulting is for you!

Slides: From Awesome Admin to Awesome Consultant


Bored of using Sales Cloud to shift units and Service Cloud to close cases?

Learn how two of Salesforce’s lesser known products – Health Cloud and Field Service Lightning – can be combined to achieve a much more worthwhile objective: helping improve the lives of patients.

Join us as we ‘inject’ some fun into a live demo and show you how the patient-centric power of Health Cloud can be combined with the latest capabilities of Field Service Lightning to deliver a home healthcare solution which gives patients the care they need, in the place they most want to be.

Slides: Better Living Through Salesforce

Ran on: 27/04/2018 Chris Edwards Ben Duffy

Are you wondering what Einstein Analytics is? Well, you are not the first one. This session will take you through the concepts of Einstein Analytics as well as show the art of the possible incl. custom maps and actionable dashboards. The goal is for you to see the possibilities and get a helping hand in how to start with the platform.

Slides: Einstein Analytics, the art of the possible

Ran on: 27/04/2018 Rikke Hovgaard

Have you wondered how Pardot can be optimised for generating B2B leads? As we get better with technical implementations, we also need to understand the basic concepts of marketing strategies to create effective customer journeys. In this session, I will touch upon the key aspects of Pardot which can be used to develop a foundational strategy to generate leads for your clients.

Slides: Basic overview of B2B marketing strategy for Pardot

Ran on: 27/04/2018 Srijeet Das

Have you ever wondered how far you can take the power of Salesforce?

Come and learn with me how can we take an amazing Peruvian musical instrument named “Cajon” and connect it to Salesforce.

All this while learning how to use the following technologies:

– Salesforce Streaming API and Salesforce Rest API

– Processing Programming for a very cool animation within the Salesforce Lighting Experience

– Raspberry Pi

– Arduino

– Python

Slides: Salesforce Connected Cajon, an IoT Streaming API Integration

Ran on: 27/04/2018 Rafael Hernández

Got a Salesforce question you need answering? Or something you always wanted to know?

Talk to our “What The FAQ” experts – available all day long!

You will easily find them around the breakout area

Come with a question; leave with an answer.


Have you heard about Skuid, the UX tool for Salesforce?

This session will demonstrate how easy it is to build a new UI for Salesforce using Skuid, utilizing some of the main components of the tool, combining data from Salesforce and other systems together on the same page, to create a seamless application on a single page.

Slides: Build an app with Skuid for Salesforce


Many companies have data on Public Clouds, onPremise databases that can’t be replicated due to regulations restrictions or huge volumes. Using Salesforce Connect and the oData Protocol this data can be accessed and managed in Salesforce.

Slides: Use Salesforce Connect to use data outside Salesforce without replication

Ran on: 27/04/2018 Esteve Graells