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Copado Solutions is a leading provider of Salesforce Release Management and Continuous Delivery solutions.
Our platform enables customers to manage their end-to-end release management processes as well as compliance and testing automation requirements. Copado Solutions is one of the leading and fastest growing ISV partners and helps companies globally to achieve Salesforce Success

Copado – A close ally

Within the service and application park, Copado dedicates its efforts in the quality of processes and performance improvement in each of our developments. Our goal is to be the best ally of our customers, offering the most powerful solution to increase the efficiency in time and investment.

Maximize your ROI with Copado

The success of our customers is our top priority at Copado Solutions, and for this reason, each of our customers receives a Success Plan for online support and training. Our most successful customers, however, take advantage of our Premier Success Plans to achieve up to 80% higher return on their Copado investment. Our Success plans have been designed to combine key foundations for success and are comprised of support, online training and resources designed to:

  • Drive adoption of Copado
  • Increase your productivity
  • Ensure business continuity and minimize risk
  • Get Success Resources
  • Get Enhanced Training
  • Get Expanded Support

We are working together with Salesforce teams worldwide, helping customers achieve more efficient and reliable processes. Corporations such as Monsanto, John Hancock, Coca-Cola, IBM, Kuka and Adidas, amongst others, already trust Copado for their release management.