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Highlights of dreamOlé 2017!

The dreamOlé team: Agustina, Alba, Carlos, Carolina, Ines, Julio, Laura, Roger and Yasmina were on their toes all day making sure everything was prepared for the arrival of our guests.

The day started with the team sorting out the welcome pack, which also included giveaway stickers, from FrenchTouch Dreamin’, Mavens and our very own dreamOlé.

** Why not send us a photograph to with your laptop sticker swag? We are giving away 2 tickets for next year’s event in Barcelona for the coolest one! So start tweeting your pics with #dreamOle17 **

The setting up of the sponsors area was completed and around 8:30 am our first attendees arrived, and there it was: dreamOlé, 9 months in the making, was a reality.

Our first sessions started around 10:45 am, soon the hustle & bustle and sound of the background music: your very own dreamOlé mix made it clear that the first Salesforce community led event in Spain by Users for Users had begun!

We hit our first Keynote, thank you Erica Kuhl for being there with us on the day and bringing #Ohana to us. Congratulations on your 15 year trajectory with Salesforce, you continue to inspire us every day with your vision on the community.

The day, filled with different types of sessions were both given in English & Spanish, targeted for Admins, Developers & business users were divided in our different locations: Astro, Appy & Codey rooms. For next year we are looking to provide even larger array of sessions. We will be opening a call for papers soon – so keep an eye on our social media channels.

Let’s not forget our What the FAQ?! section where we had our desk of experts ready to answer any of your questions, thank you Chris Edwards, Paul Battisson, Peter Chittum, Fabien Taillon and Eugenio Roldan for your collaboration.

At the end of the day we gave away 2 vouchers for a Salesforce certification. Well done to Yaiza Bailen and Rogelio Machuca, who won! Good luck on your next exam!

We would also take the chance to thank our sponsors and our DemoJam participants: MakemeCloud, Blue infinity, SharinpPix and Copado. The presentations were all great and we had a mix of themes, giving everyone the chance to vote for their preferred one. Votes were scored against content, presentation and solution provided ( our presenters made sure they delivered as much info just under 3 minutes! ) Congratulations to the Copado team for winning the session! And a very special thank you goes out to Joshua Hoskins for hosting our DemoJam session.

Coming to the end of our day, the closing keynote: Eugenio Roldan shared with us his experience in becoming the first Technical Architect in Spain and inspired the crowd with his journey. Thank you Eugenio for closing the day!

The afterparty allowed us to meet our guests and make good friends through the #Ohana community.

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Next stop: Barcelona 2018. Abso-dreamin-lutely!