Event Date: 27th April 2018 – 830am until 830pm
VenueHotel Catalonia Plaza
Event Website: www.dreamole.es
Twitter: @dreamOle__c

Venue Floor Plans: ( last year samples Plan 1     Plan 2 )

Sponsors Tiers & Benefits: ES / EN


You will have an hour before and after to set and wrap up, here is the general public schedule


Your sponsorship package may include 1-5 attendees. These attendees need to be registered in advance of the event. No one will be allowed in on the day unless they are registered.

If you require tickets please purchase them before we sell out. You can get them from our landing page www.dreamole.es


We are very excited to be running a demoJam at dreamOle. All Platinum sponsors are invited to participate. We are pleased to confirm that experienced demoJam Joshua Hoskins and his team will be with us in Barcelona!

The following is a DemoJam from another Salesforce event, hopefully from this you get an idea on how a demoJam runs:

  1. 3 minutes for your live demo
  2. 1 audience question at the end
  3. not use any slides / power point

Please make sure you come in plenty of time before the start of the DemoJam (at least 15mins). While the previous demo is being run your laptop will be set up by the tech team. Please make sure your laptop can connect via HDMI.

Order of the demoJam as follows:

  1. FinancialForce
  2. Aircall
  3. Copado
  4. Resco
  5. Makemecloud
  6. Wefox
  7. Blackbird
  8. FormTitan
  9. Blue-infinity

If you have further questions that can not be found here reach us at comunidadsalesforce@gmail.com