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What will I find at dreamOlé? – Sessions chapter

Have you already heard about dreamOlé but you are wondering what will you find there? If so, this is our blog post entry.

We will have three main sections

  1. KeyNotes (blog in progress)
  2. DemoJam (blog in progress)
  3. Sessions

Today, I will focus on the latest point.

We would like to offer hot topic sessions, but without forgetting that you maybe are a beginner in Salesforce or you are still working on Classic UI.

Also sessions audience is Developer and Admins mainly, but if you are End User, dreamOlé also offer some talks for you.

If you don’t speak Spanish, or if you want a more exotic sound than English talks, don’t be afraid. We know that each to their own taste, so we’ll offer sessions running on both languages as well to different types of sessions, concepts and speakers styles.

Would you like to know the session list? Here you can find all sessions. Please, bear in mind that titles and sessions themselves may be slightly be updated or changed.

Don’t forget to register before we are sold out!!

Título* Audiencia Idioma
Control your user actions with Event Monitoring and Transaction Security Admin Spanish
SOQL: Performance Explained Developer Spanish
Salesforce DX – First impressions Developer Spanish
How to Write Great Requirements Business English
Workshop : Adding Free AI-Powered Search to Your Lightning Community Developer / Admin


Pardot en los tiempos del cólera Admin Spanish
Journey Builder Admin Spanish
A Brief Introduction to Field Service Lighting Admin English
Create Lightning Components Lightning Data Service Developer English
Organizational changes implementation & best practices Business English
Cómo hacer una carrera profesional exitosa en el mundo Salesforce RRHH Spanish
Things You Never Knew Mavensmate Could Do! Developer English
Continuous Delivery with Git Developer Spanish
Salesforce API – Composite Resources Developer Spanish

*This sessions list is not definitive. To check the confirmed session, navigate to the Schedule tab.