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Where to stay at dreamOlé 17

Travelling to?

Where to stay?

We have gathered the best selection of hotels around the area so you have plenty of choice to choose from. Our venue is very close to the city centre, no matter which hotel you choose you will be close to all amenities and transport.

The closest hotels to our venue within walking distance:

The following are hotels and boutique apartments. They are also within the vicinity of our venue, but you may want to take a cab or public transport for easier access:

Keeping within a budget but still want something comfy & cosy? Look no more, these are your best choice:

These are further away from our venue, but you will be bang on in the city centre:

Last, but not least we have also included a selection of Airbnb flats around the area of our venue, should you prefer to stay local.  Our suggestion is to pick your choice and book as early as possible to avoid disappointment and higher rates as we move closer to the date.  We look forward to welcoming you to Madrid!