Sessions 2017

Below sessions of DreamOlé 2017, June, Madrid: 

Cómo utilizar Composite resource para mejorar el rendimiento y simplificar el uso de las APIs de salesforce. Slides: Salesforce API – Composite Salesforce API – Composite Resources

Ran on: 01/06/2017 Iñaki Hernando Urcullu

In this session, Simon and Edith will show you how to build your first simple Lightning Component and add it to the Lightning Contact page. The component shows the Contacts name included in a famous “Chuck Norris” quote, which we retrieve via an Apex web service call. There will be workbooks to follow, so bring your laptop and you can actually do this yourself in 45 minutes! If you don’t have a laptop, you can follow on screen with us to see how it is done.
Language: This session will be delivered in English by Simon, with Edith assisting in Spanish.

Slides: Workshop – Chuck Norris your Contacts – My first Lightning Component


We are very excited to be running a demoJam at dreamOle. All Platinum sponsors are invited to participate. We are pleased to confirm that experienced demoJam Joshua Hoskins and his team will be with us in Madrid!

3 minutes for your live demo
1 audience question at the end of your Demo
not use any slides / power point

Order of the demoJam as follows:

Ran on: 01/06/2017

A nice talk about Wave where we explained our first steps with the tool, why we started to use it, what obstacles we encountered along the way and how we solved them.

Slides: Our first experience with Wave Analytics

Ran on: 01/06/2017 Miguel Alonso

Join us for this hands-on workshop to learn how to power your Lightning Community with a free intelligent search component and drive more relevant experiences, in a matter of minutes. We’ll walk through how to build a richer and more intuitive search interface, and use machine learning to always deliver the best results among all your Salesforce content.

Slides: Adding Free AI-Powered Search to Your Lightning Community


Many organizations need to face a transformation phase due to the redesign of the role hierarchy, the reshuffle of teams, the opening of new departments or regions. What shall a system admin do if all those changes needs to happen all at once? Use case about Hotelbeds transformation: how we managed a hierarchy redesign, team member creation, territory management redesign, sharing review and portfolio reassignments all in the same week. Tips and tricks to help fighting against the group membership lock errors.

Slides: Organizational changes

Ran on: 01/06/2017 Laura Sartori

In a platform where we don’t have full control of the database, which are the performance tricks that we could do as programmers?
In this session you will learn some techniques to maximize the performance of SOQL and get the best efficiency. You will learn how to use Query Optimizer and the art of building efficient joins.

Slides: SOQL Performance Explained

Salesforce DX is a set of tools and features designed to develop and deploy applications in an automated way, making it easy to integrate them with your continuous integration system. Currently, Salesforce DX is offered in a private pilot for a limited number of developers.
In this session I will run a demo showing most of the functionality and commands available in the pilot. I will present the use case of the migration of an existing app to Salesforce DX and its development using Salesforce DX. I will show how to create a workspace, retrieve the application from an existing sandbox, convert it to Salesforce DX format, push that code to a scratch org, make changes to the app locally and remotely, and pull changes to my local environment.
The goal is to show the audience the potential of Salesforce DX running a practical exercise. My intention is that you get a feeling of what can be done with Salesforce DX. It is a good introduction for those who haven’t seen Salesforce DX before.

Slides: SalesforceDX

Ran on: 01/06/2017 Yaiza Bailén

Do you service operations? Do you have field reps that are on the move attending multiple service appointment throughout the day? Find it difficult to manage, track and store all communications for each field rep and field operations? A brief introduction to Field Service Lightning shows you how you can deliver faster, smarter, more personalised services from the phone to the field on one platform.

Slides: A Brief Introduction to Field Service Lighting

Ran on: 01/06/2017 Jenny Bamber

Git and Salesforce is challenging Topic, specially if you need to embrace git-driven deployments for everybody, from admins and configurators, to developers and external vendors.
At Copado we have created new technology that allows everybody to interact with Git in a intuitive and easy to use manner.
Learn how you can achieve the Git Flow, with feature branches and release branches seamlessly, and how Copado automatically resolve XML-based conflicts for you and much more.

Slides: Enterprise-class Release Management

Session about how to monitor Events and control user actions in the Org. Following these practices, you will know the details about “what”,
“when” and “who” carried out any action in a Customer Salesforce Org and prevent access to sensitive data and avoid security breaches.


Journey Builder is a drag&drop tool that allows you to design and personalise marketing processes at any level of complexity, in a relatively simple and efficient way.

We’ll look at new techniques to maximize productivity and return of investment of marketing campaigns via Journey Builder. As well to dive into market segmentation scenarios and how does that change over time.

Slides: The Wit of Journey Builder

Ran on: 01/06/2017 Eva Rodenas

“Pardot in the time of Cholera” is a relaxed talk about European Companies, and how was their digital marketing strategy before and after it’s automation, thanks to Pardot.

Slides: Pardot in the time of Cholera

Ran on: 01/06/2017 Omar Sequera 2017
Lightning Data Service is a new powerful service that will let you create new Components lightning fast. Forget about Apex and SOQL, and let the framework do all the querying job for you. Fields values, CRUD and DML operations, everything is now brought to you by magic !

Ran on: 01/06/2017 Fabien Taillon

For many developers on the Salesforce Platform Mavensmate is the tool of choice for writing, testing and deploying code. Come along and find out some of the things that Mavensmate can do which you might never have heard of and get to ask the questions you want answered!

Ran on: 01/06/2017 Paul Battisson

A refined version of one of Dreamforce 16’s most highly attended sessions. This session explains the concept of user stories as a model for defining requirements and how we Salesforce professionals can use them to deliver success. We’ll also explore an iterative approach to defining and delivering new features, to adapt to change and continuously deliver value.

Slides: Writing good salesforce Requirements

Ran on: 01/06/2017 Pablo Roldán Ben Duffy

In the beginning there was a command line…actually, there were punch cards, but let’s not go there.

Customisation and building apps in Salesforce has turned admins and non-coders into superheroes. Many want to do more with their orgs, and faster. Salesforce DX has the potential to democratize the command line for admins and give them the power they didn’t even know they wanted.

You will have a brief introduction to command lines, syntax, and a practical demonstration of several admin and configuration tasks, but done through the command line. You will learn that if you can write a formula in Salesforce, you can harness the power of the command line, too!

Slides: DoNotFearTheCommandLine

Ran on: 01/06/2017 Peter Chittum

Speaking in general terms about the best ways to develop a successful career in Salesforce, including companies best practices in the Recruitment or Training areas.

Slides: How to Develop a Successful career in Salesforce

Ran on: 01/06/2017 Javier Fernandez

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