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dreamOlé by Yaiza Bailén

Yaiza Bailén was one of our amazing speakers in our first ever dreamOlé community event in Madrid last year in June 2017.

She was also one of the winners of the Certification Vouchers we had to draw among attendees. This is Yaiza next to this lines accompanied by Rogelio, they were the winners of our 2 certification vouchers.

Yaiza wrote a blog post about her experience last year at dreamOIé, and we are sharing her opinion with all of you here. These are her words:

I’m planning my Salesforce events for this year and there is one that I won’t miss: dreamOlé.

DreamOlé is a Salesforce event created by the Spanish Salesforce Community in Spain. Its first edition was held in Madrid last year and I had the pleasure to attend as a speaker. The experience was awesome.

As a speaker I presented a talk about Salesforce DX when it wasn’t generally available yet, you can check it out here. It was great because there were many people looking forward to learning about it. Mine was in Spanish, but there were also talks in English, making the event accessible to those who can’t speak English but without losing great speakers who doesn’t speak Spanish, making it a good balanced event in my opinion. I loved the enthusiasm of attendees, making a lot of questions and showing real interest, which shows that an event like this was really needed in Spain.

As an attendee, let me put here a list of things why I will be there this year again:

  • I had the chance of meeting many people from the Salesforce Community, some of them I knew virtually in Twitter, but others were new to me. Salesforce is growing in Spain, but it is not super popular yet, so it was good to have a meeting point with those working in the same technology you do
  • Salesforce people actually working in Salesforce came to give the keynote and some talks
  • I learnt about many interesting topics that I could learn deeper once at home and that I could use at work. An example was the Lightning Data Service service talk presented by Fabien Taillon that was in Beta at that time
  • There was a booth with Salesforce swags that you could win (And we all love swags)
  • I had an incredible time, and there was a party at the end with food, drinks, music and a photo-booth
  • I came back home inspired by all the people that worked hard for organizing such a great event: organizers, speakers, attendees

And I was even luckier, I got a certification voucher to register in one of the Salesforce certification exams. There was a draw and I won! Thanks to that voucher I’m now certified as a Salesforce Developer Platform II, thanks dreamOlé!

I encourage everyone to not miss this event if you are interested in the Salesforce Platform. You will have the chance of meeting interesting people, learning new things and being inspired.

I hope to see you in Barcelona on the 27th of April.