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FinancialForce & dreamOlé

FinancialForce is going to be a gold sponsor of dreamOlé, and they have decided to write this inspiring post. Check it out!

Share, Learn and Be Inspired in the Sunshine at Dream Ole! Salesforce Community Event in Spain

Next month kicks off with a must-attend full day event on 1st June in Madrid, Spain. dreamOlé is Spain’s largest community-led event for Salesforce professionals and provides a unique opportunity to meet, connect with and be inspired by others just like you. Where better for developers, admins and Salesforce users to get together than under the sun at OpenTalk in Madrid?

dreamOlé is the Salesforce volunteer community which comes together to bring events, education and support to the potential workforce across Spain. Their mission is to bring hope, increase awareness, inspire and teach skills related to the Salesforce ecosystem to all generations.

As gold sponsors FinancialForce is offering some great opportunities for attendees to learn more. Come along to our stand at the event to hear directly and be inspired with some great ideas of how to get more from your Salesforce ecosystem. Or want to get more immersed and become involved in the community yourself? Come along to hear from us what’s it’s like to work within the community and find out about some great opportunities.

Two FinancialForce developers will run sessions during the event:

SOQL performance explained: In a platform where we don’t have full control of the database, which are the performance tricks that we could do as programmers? In this session hosted by Alberto Lozano and  Agustín Jiménez you will learn some techniques to maximize the performance of SOQL and get the best efficiency. You will learn how to use Query Optimizer and the art of building efficient joins.

Control your user actions with Event Monitoring and Transaction Security: Find out how to monitor Events and control user actions in the Org in a session hosted by Francisco Porras & Pedro Manuel Molina. Following these practices you will know the details about “what”, “when” and “who” carried out any action in a Customer Salesforce Org and prevent access to sensitive data and avoid security breaches.

After the day’s sessions draw to a close attendees can continue to meet others from their Salesforce community with a great after-party.

Don’t miss out on the chance to learn from your fellow community members – those that use the platform day in and day out, every single day. Register here to attend.